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Personal Producer Education

One-on-one technical and/or sales training

Online meeting tools allow personalized training on the products producers sell.

Technical training includes detailed discussions and reviews of key coverage provisions, important exclusions, special risk management considerations, and E&O prevention tips on the coverages most important to your agency.

Sales training includes key skills for commercial sales: personality identification, prospecting, approaching the prospect, qualifying prospects, identifying buying criteria, market selection, submission development, preparing for presentations, presenting your results, and closing.

Flexible schedule convenient to the producer

We’ll work with producers and principals/mentors to develop a training schedule that makes sense for everyone. Training can be done in short sessions spread over days, weeks or even months if necessary.

Feedback and advice provided to principals

Paul can provide principals/mentors with individual feedback about the producer’s progress and suggestions on what they can do to advance their development.

Personal consultations on development strategies

Thinking through the education process before making the hire only makes sense. Paul can provide advice and suggestions for introducing new producers to the industry and steps they can take to give them a head start.