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CE Classes

New CE Classes!

The following courses have been approved for general continuing education credit for the states shown only.

Contact Paul Martin for other course titles, many of which may be approvable for CE credit.

What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

This course is designed to help participants improve their organization’s customer service by examining standards of performance of leading organizations in the travel and leisure industries, and patterning individual practices on known principles of success.

Additional Insureds

This course is designed to help insurance professionals understand who is insured on the Commercial General Liability Policy and how additional insureds can be added and protected. The course examines important policy language and the various endorsements available in the ISO program.

Valuation, Replacement and Vacancy in Personal Lines

This course is designed to help participants understand how personal lines policies valuation, replacement cost, and vacancy provisions apply and what they can do to better advise customers regarding limits, loss settlement, and replacing lost property.

Understanding Business Income

This course will help commercial insurance professionals understand how business income coverage works to protect a business after a property loss, and how the various options and endorsements available in the ISO program can improve and customize coverage.

In-Home Business and Homeowner Liabilities

This course is designed to help personal lines insurance professionals understand how personal lines forms respond to the in-home business exposure and what agents can do to protect customers from often uncovered liabilities.